Failure/error Specify Response.should Redirect_toroot_path

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# describe "POST on Users#create" do # before { post users_path } # specify { response.should redirect_to(root_path) } # end

2) User pages for signed in users using a 'new' action. Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to(root_path) }. Expected response to be a <redirect>, but was <200> #.

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Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to(user_path(user)) } Expected response to be a , but was. Todo pages todo destruction as correct user should delete a todo Failure/Error: before { visit root_path.

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Hartl Rails tutorial tests failing at the end. to the Users#update action Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to. to the root_path of the.

In such a policy one can decide what content you want to serve, from where you want to get the content and how the request or response should be. case the request failed. ## Called when a client request is received sub vcl_recv {.

specify { response.should redirect_to(root_path) }. 1) Authentication Authorization for non-signed-in employees in the Employees controller submitting to the update action. Failure/Error: before { put employee_path(employee) } # the put gets us to the update.

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specify { response.should redirect_to(root_path) }. end. 1) Authentication authorization as wrong user submitting a PUT request to the Users#update action. Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to(root_path) }.

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Rails Tutorial Ch. 9 Exercise 6: Expected response to be. Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to. response.should redirect_to(root_path.

Arrange for such users to be redirected to the root url if they do try to hit those pages. 1) AuthenticationPages signin with valid information submitting to the create action. Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to(user_path(user)) }.

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ruby on rails – Hartl RoR Tutorial Chap. 9 Requiring the. –. Users#update action Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to. 1 failure Failed. { response.should redirect_to(root_path) }.

specify { response.should redirect_to(root_path) } end.. end. Which seems to work, per se, perfectly fine. No "real" errors thrown. 5) CompaniesManagement unauthorized access to Companies#index should redirect to "/". Failure/Error: specify { response.should redirect_to.

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